5 Things To Look For To Find The Best SEO Expert London Has To Offer

Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisation on your company’s site is one of the smartest business decisions you’ve looked into doing, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Finding the right SEO firm requires a lot of research. You want to know whether the SEO agency you choose to hire can actually do a good job and rank your site on page one of Google, however just ranking your website #1 doesn’t necessarily guarantee revenue.

Having your website ranked high enough to generate organic traffic is only 75% of the problem solved as, in some cases, more traffic does not equate to more revenue, especially if you are missing some crucial pieces. These pieces of the puzzle are what enables ANY website to flourish online but, strangely are almost always overlooked.


These things include:

Does your website have an inviting page structure, good sales copy or are there offline problems such as poor sales conversions or undertrained staff using poorly converting sales scripts. At SEO Expert London, we know how to spot the weak spots in your business and, more importantly, can help you fix them to ensure maximum revenue. We are more than just an SEO firm, we are more of a Search Engine Marketing firm. (SEO Expert London – Facebook)


Now here is a short list of things to consider and look into before hiring an SEO specialist or SEO consultant to do work on your site because SEO is a complete waste of money if it isn’t producing more revenue or getting you a positive ROI – return on your investment. This SEO guide will help you when choosing an seo specialist uk to work with.


1)            Look out for low or ‘cookie cutter’ style prices. These companies charging low fees for SEO at £299 or £399 per month don’t understand the basics of business very well so would you really want to put the wellbeing of yours in their hands?

It makes no sense that a local business is charged the same as a national one going after a global market. Think about it, there is no way someone can earn your business an additional £100,000+ in yearly revenue by charging you only £74.75 a week (£299 per month). That works out to be way less than the legal minimum wage someone below the age of 19 should earn!


2)            Be sure to find out if they have had success in ranking difficult keywords. Now it’s difficult to find out who the best baker or best mechanic in your area is as everyone has their own opinion but the greatest thing about SEO is that Google actually tells you who the top SEO firms are based on their rankings. All you need to type in is SEO services in your city or as an example: SEO services in London and you will see who is the best. Every London SEO company fights hard to get that #1 spot to show that they are the best. You should also look for multiple listings on page one. You want to make sure that they are not a one hit wonder. Think about it, if they aren’t dominating in their own area, what makes you think they can do the same for your company?

3)            Just because someone works with or around computers, doesn’t mean they know how to do Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t make the mistake that some do in thinking that a person who works on computer software or IT or even a web designer knows everything about SEO. In fact 99% do not have a clue. Unfortunately, many business owners who we’ve spoken to and given advice to want to take it back to their IT department to do the SEO in house. This is a mistake. Many people are worried about their jobs so, may say that they can do the SEO, when in fact they have no idea what they are doing. If they did, your website would already be ranking!

4)            Make sure search engine optimisation or internet marketing consulting is their full time profession. Don’t let your business be a test subject for a beginner. There are many people out there for whom web design or some other aspect of internet marketing is a way to supplement their income. They bought a cheap online course on the subject, but that does not make them an expert. Do you really want the success or failure of your business to be in their hands?

5)            Finally, make sure your SEO isn’t being outsourced to a 3rd party. More than 60% of London SEO firms outsource their work to others in India, the Philippines and other countries. You should always know exactly who is doing the work on your site.

By using these 5 great tips, you can be sure to find the top London SEO company to work with your London based business and help get you the results you want.

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- September 29, 2015

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